Climbing Stairs

Just Throw Off Fear with Climbing Stairs through Treppenlift

The lifting power is specifically suitable for people who are suffering from moving problems. This is designed to overcome vertical height differences. If you ask whether the lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor, yes, it is possible for this. Lift will move only in vertical direction. This lift is not designed to move in diagonal or horizontal direction. It fundamental requires large flat bottom. It should be available with ample space so that it will accommodate platform of lift. Most models have basic dimensions of 90×120 cm. It operates as same as stair lifts. It needs either joystick or control panel. The control panels will be very simple.

Operate As An Individual With Treppenlift:

Through its operation, lift platform on the lifting platform and so users can operate this as an individual.

There are number of advantages with this lift as,

• You can start it easily

• You can start it fast

• It saves space as it occupies flat shape

• It store high capacity

• It has emergency button.

Seat Lift:

The seat lift is arranged in respect to the stairs. Gradients of approximately 70 can be achieved with this lift. It is also very steep. It is completely possible to adjust the seat lift as per armrests, footrests and folding seat. Refer the link to know about advantages of stair lifts. On few models, there are also chances to quickly convert stair lift in platform lift. You have to ensure that whether the device has ability to turn the seat lift in a platform lift. The seat lift is a stair lift but a small change is rail system. The lift is intended for people who have only problem with climbing stairs but can stand as individual. It has number of advantages as,

• Back rests and arm rests

• Footrests with sensors for urgent situation during slipping

• It has safety sensors and harness


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