Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a best alternative for smoking

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health which is spoken for many decades but still many people use to smoke cigarettes. They find it interesting so they use to smoke daily and frequently. After smoking frequently many smokers have become addicted to it that they would not be able to be normal without smoking. They even don’t know what sort of pleasure they get from smoking but they do it though they know it is not good for health. Smoking is a habit so the person who is planning to quit smoking has to change their mind otherwise they will not be able to quit smoking.

Many smokers even after trying harder to cease smoking they could not do it as it has become habitual addiction. They need cigarette every day otherwise they would not be normal as they become frustrated without smoking. The fact is that many reports about smoking say that smoking causes cancer and it affects various parts of the body. It pollutes the air and also it affects both the smoker and the people around them. It is an unhealthy habit but still smokers don’t take it seriously. The smell of the nicotine and tobacco has caught them and they are not able to be free without smelling tobacco through smoking.


The smoke from the cigarette gets stagnated in the lungs and affects the lungs severely. Lungs get affected and weak due to smoking and they person gets bronchitis, and other lung related issues. The one of the best alternate for smoking is electronic cigarette which is an electronic device used to smoke cigarette as if it is real cigarette but it is not real cigarette. Electronic cigarette is not dangerous to health as it just gives the smell of tobacco and creates artificial smoke not real smoke. The device contains battery, coil, vaporizer and cartridge. The liquid called as e liquid or e-juice is used in the cartridge of the electronic cigarette.

The e-juice is vaporized and artificial smoke is created as the smoker smokes the vaporized juice. Since it is just a vapour and there is no tobacco content, this is not dangerous to health. Smokers can get cheap e juice from online stores as there are many stores to sell all the things related to electronic cigarette. They have to change the battery as it is not rechargeable and also they have to use the change cartridge and coils if needed according to the frequency of smoking.
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