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Why Where Your Supplements Come From Matters

Few of us question where our prescriptions come from, other than preferred choice of pharmacy. We trust that the Feds have made the right choices in selecting who can provide our medications. Thanks to the push of the media, many consumers are abandoning the standby prescription drug options and instead are turning to herbal supplements for their needs. While this benefits many, the lack of regulation is a concern to many consumers, the government – and merchants.

            It can be tough to learn where exactly your supplements come from. “Packaged By” means simple that: It was packed by a certain company. It doesn’t mean that that the company listed on the product label grew or processed the supplement. This matters, because different countries have different regulations on their growing and processing methods. While the USA and Canada have relatively strict regulations concerning the growth and processing of herbal supplements, countries in the Eastern world do not. So, as a merchant, you need to do your research.

            You must ask questions. Not only is it important to know when your customers ask where your Garcinia Cambogia supplement came from, but it is also important for you to know, to make sure that it is grown and processed up to your standards. The manufacturer that has packaged the product knows where they got their raw, or at least unpackaged, product. It is your right to know where the products came from. Like most everything else in this world, no two supplement brands are created equal, and you need to make sure that they fit your standards before investing in the product.

            You also need to make sure that before you invest that you have the encouragement and support of your merchant account provider. It can be tough to find a Garcinia Cambogia merchant account, but it is possible. These companies are considered “high risk” in the industry, and one wrong business turn – or perhaps even a product recall – can trigger major issues with your processor if they are not familiar with your industry. Do your research, both with your merchant account provider and your supplement providers, and you can give a boost to your supplement business.

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