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There are at least six schemes for the development of wholesale sales in the regions, three of which are effective, and three are popular and at the same time failures.

Three vicious schemes

The most popular schemes for the development of regional sales are remote sales, work with individual regional representatives and the organization of sales representations based on someone else’s business. These schemes are most often used by companies. Although in fact they are the most pernicious, inefficient and problematic. For Sephora – Sell to Sephora you will be able to have the best options now.

Remote sales

Often companies say: “We have a vast geography of customers, how can we personally contact them?” And build relationships by phone and e-mail, at best – by Skype. Yes, if the amounts of transactions are small, and the transactions themselves are one-time, there is no other option. But if it is a question of cooperation for large sums, personal contact is simply necessary. Especially if the potential partner is far away. Otherwise, the client will easily succumb to the temptation to move to competitors. And it can be understood in this: it is terrible to give your money to people you are not familiar with, but only saw the site on the Internet. And a couple of times I heard voices in the phone. And quite another thing, when a company that wants to get you as a client, has not regretted the time and money to come, personally meet and talk. Visit Retail distribution for more.

Business on the phone – like sex on the phone

it can be either a prelude or a perversion, and there are no children from it. Therefore, remember that the basics of big sales are personal contact and personal connections. To conduct large sales through remote sales is a colossal mistake. In addition, this tactic is unprofitable for the company itself. After all, in order to keep the client, she has to reduce the price and constantly meet the client according to the payment terms. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the client will always be yours: a competitor who is not too lazy to build personal relationships can take it away at any time. And then the company working remotely, will be forced all life simply to pick up on the market what lies bad. Agree, this is by no means an attractive strategy.

Individual regional representative

Many small and even large, but indecisive companies think that for a wide coverage of regions and simultaneous savings they can hire an individual representative. They argue this way: once an employee is alone, he can work from home. And since the company gets rid of office expenses, the representative can be motivated by a large salary and interest. Through the recruitment agency, the company finds an employee. And he believes that he will work hard in the sweat of the face for the benefit of the company. But how can you be so naive? What kind of loyalty of a representative can be said, if he often even never appeared in the central office of the company? In fact, the work of an individual regional representative looks quite different than the company imagines. He works not for one, but at once for three firms. It only works three days a week – by day to the employer. He receives three considerable salaries and writes beautiful reports about the meetings.

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